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We just don't make and sell food. We give you an eating experience that you'll never forget. The happiness of our customers is our primary goal. Simply put, it drives a great experience, positive reputation and financial prosperity. Members of the Tasty team wear a pin that reads “Customer 1st”. That says it all. We look for people who care about providing customers with great hospitality, respect themselves and each other, and take pride in what they do. Long held traditions and new beginnings. Sparta Plaza Hotel is a place for family, the one you’re born into and the one you create around food, love and friendship. Our attentive staff ensures that your entire dining experience with us is stellar from beginning to end.

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Our attentive staff ensures that your entire dining experience at Palm Hampton is stellar from beginning to end. Each passing of our shared plates and the breaking of fresh Levantine pita opens up a new conversation. Whether part of a party of fifty or a party of two, your experience throughout our elegant, yet comfortable space is eventful. We are sharing our long held Lebanese-Mediterranean traditions with a modern contemporary twist. You will feel both close to home and apart of something new.



Every dish at Sparta Plaza Hotel has it's own story from the traditional recipes direct from Switzerland, to modern updates that tell the history of our team, of our cooks and chefs who have left their mark on our kitchen, and our serving staff and managers who have been ambassadors of hospitality. Our menu is never done - we find inspiration all around, in new ingredients, new approaches, and fresh takes on old standards.


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Our future is determined just by our performance on a standardized test, We guarantee you. Dining at Sparta Plaza Hotel is always memorable and special. Our unique space is able to accommodate a variety of special events including private dining, large party, and full catering. For more information, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.Our signature menu of modern Mexican cuisine - fresh organic ingredients and diversity for every dietary preference - is married to our carefully curated music and performance programming to elicit an unforgettable dining experience.

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